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  • Revisiting Prime Life.

    Discussion in 'Introductions & Farewells' started by caydah, Jul 10, 2024 at 8:10 AM.

    1. caydah

      caydah Active Member

      May 1, 2020
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      What’s up everybody. Hope everyone is doing well in real life now that we’re pretty much all grown now. Some of you may remember me by my username(s) (Caydah, Aevl, spooled, highprices) Anyways, I wanted to come back here to revisit something that seems to have been a lifetime ago. It’s crazy to me how much this small Minecraft server impacted our lives. I joined mineverse when I was about 9 years old in 2015, and now I am 17. I hope I don’t sound crazy for saying this, but I would quite literally give everything I have to go back to prime mineverse. I was an OP PvP player, and I must say the friends, enemies, and memories that I created during those times will never be forgotten. I don’t mean to sound cocky here, but at one point on OP, maybe in 2018-2019, Me and my little brother (xcicerox) were the 2 best players. I remember he would always get banned because everybody thought he was cheating or using an auto clicker. I still find it funny today because at the time I was 12 years old, and he was 9. Every time he got banned, I would also get banned because we obviously lived at the same house and that meant we shared the same IP address. I would always have to create appeals because of how many times I got banned because of him. There were so many times where I wouldn’t be unbanned because the mods believed that it was my brother playing and ban evading on my account because the IP’s matched up. It got so bad at one point, that people started booting us offline every time we logged on (Zick, Gini miss you guys) I had my dad buy countless VPN’s but they would never work. I remember after getting booted for about a month straight I had a full blown panic attack because I was so devastated that I couldn’t play MV anymore Looking back now those were the best times of my childhood, and I wish I could relive them. Although this sounds super cringe, I think we never realized what we had until it was gone. I don’t think it was the server itself that holds nostalgic value for us, but rather it was the people that we once were. Young kids who had 0 worries in the world besides logging onto mineverse and PvPing all day trying not to lose your s40’s. I miss logging on and reading the chat, “buying sets message me” “doing rank-upgrades, message me for offers!” “Selling 40’s”.
      Here is a list of some people I remember from the prime PvP days
      -rehaq, rentpvp, itoggling, gini, quamped, spearling, itzarctic, wipwop, jqwish, holdthislnerd, noharmnofoul, xPessimistic, and so many more. I hope some people get to read this rant and actually relate to it and understand what I’m talking about. I feel like nobody else in the world lived a childhood as good as we OP players did back then. Thank you Mineverse for the best memories ever.
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    2. mattenphew

      mattenphew Head Moderator Head Moderator Media Team Leader Competition Team Premium

      Jan 23, 2015
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      I'd honestly give a lot to go back to 2014-2016 mineverse, was the peak of my childhood.
    3. Omilly

      Omilly Experienced Member

      Feb 29, 2016
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      Honestly same I haven’t even been on forums in awhile

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