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  • Rate Abuse Defined

    Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Mineverse, Oct 1, 2020.

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    1. Mineverse

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      Oct 31, 2013
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      As a rule of thumb staff view 3+ ratings to one person in a relatively short period of time either positive or negative, as rate abuse. The problem with this being the official rule is people will use this as a guide to get around rate abuse to help their friends achieve trophies or to abuse someone and not get banned by rating 2 an hour and so on. This is exactly why it's not defined as "one hour" but defined as "a short period of time". It's very easy to rate someone 3 times by accident in one hour. It's staff's decision to make the calls on those specific scenarios.
      Because of this rate abuse varies in many ways.
      One of those ways being listed above.

      But there is more:

      • Rating someone with the intention of gaining that person trophies is also abuse. If I were to rate someone 2 times because they said they needed 2 more likes for a trophy, that would be abuse of the rating system.
      • Rating multiple users negatively 3 or more times is abuse of the ratings system.
      • Rating someone negatively without reason would also be abuse. (Bad spelling with no errors for example)
      • Rate farming is also a form of rate abuse. You can rate farm by posting statuses asking for likes. Posts like these are not allowed and will be deleted. Warning points may also be applied.
      • Rating specifically only one person repeatedly could also be seen as farming/abuse.
      Rate abuse will result in warning points and the removal of the rating applied to the account. If abuse of the system continues you ability to give ratings will be removed temporarily. If after these steps the user continues to rate abuse it will result in a permanent removal of the ability to rate posts as well as give "likes".

      These are some examples of rate abuse. There are more and this thread will be updated in the future. So please stay informed.
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