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  • NEW! OPPvP Returns!

    Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Noobcrew, Oct 1, 2023.

    1. Noobcrew

      Noobcrew Server Owner Server Owner

      Oct 11, 2013
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      Hello everyone,

      We are excited to announce that OPPvP is now back on Mineverse!

      OPPvP is finally here, we've hit the reset button for a fresh release and greatly enhanced OPPvP unlike ever before. We've added new gameplay features and many unique plugins that are truly one of a kind while cherishing the nostalgic map and classic gameplay. This is just the start and we've got a bunch of awesome ideas still in the works to make OPPvP the coolest place to be. Check out all of the new features below and make sure to login and let us know what you think!

      New features:
      1. Kits - All default kits have been improved. There are no ranked kits however. This means that, /kit premium, /kit vip, /kit god, etc are not available for ranks. This can be considered p2w and we can no longer provide them as a result. I believe overall this will be beneficial to the gameplay of OPPvP as obtaining higher leveled items is now more difficult than before.

      2. Engineer - As higher leveled weapons can no longer be obtained from kits or crates, the Engineer is now a fair way for all players to upgrade their weapons or armor to the highest enchantments. Along with this, weapons now have a "rarity" so you can see how many other weapons with the same enchantments on the server exist. A "special rarity" can also be applied by re-naming your weapon (color codes allowed). This plugin handles all enchantments and repairs so there is no longer an enchantment table or anvils.

      3. Levels & Points - You can now earn points for various gameplay aspects such as killing a player, completing a quest, throwing a potion, eating an enchanted apple, and more. Levels will come more into play in the future and rewards will be given as you level up. View the top players within the /points menu. The maximum level to reach is 100.

      4. Quests - Complete daily quests for extra money and points. View the NPC at spawn or use /quests. You must start a quest within the menu for it to be active. Quests reset every 24 hours.

      5. Slayer - Here you can customize your kill messages. In the past there was just a single kill message such as "Noobcrew was slain by Player" (boring) but now you can select from 24 other messages available. Each slayer message however requires a specific level, set amount of kills, and a price to purchase.

      6. Killstreaks - Earn killstreaks for killing players in a row without dying. Within the /killstreaks menu you can select which killstreaks you would like to obtain for 5, 7, and 10 killstreaks. Currently the killstreaks we have added are: Care Package, Poison Gas, Artillery, Attack Dogs, Napalm, and Airdrop. These killstreaks are for fun and are very minimal, using Napalm for example will deal damage to all players within a vicinity, however the damage dealt and duration is small so these killstreaks can not be abused. You are allowed to store the killstreaks in your enderchest or vaults however you can not buy or sell them.

      7. Assists - A new statistic where you can track the amount of times you assisted in another player being killed, or where someone may have actually stole your kill instead.

      8. Leaderboards/Stats - Improved Leaderboards and Stats menu with additional information.

      9. Help Menu - New information and GUI that shows quick access to many of OPPvP's unique plugins and menus. View the NPC at spawn or use /help.

      10. Additional Improvements - Many slight changes have also been applied to the server. Check out boba's thread to read more in-depth on absolutely everything:
      A huge thank you to our beta testers and staff for working on this gamemode and making sure everything was working and ready for release. Hope everyone enjoys!
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    2. Porky

      Porky Senior Moderator Senior Moderator Competition Team

      Jan 30, 2016
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      Very nice
    3. Teeeb

      Teeeb Senior Moderator Senior Moderator Competition Leader Discord Leader Competition Team

      Mar 14, 2014
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